Myrtle Beach Real Estate-Buying Investment Property

One of the best ways to invest your money right now is through purchasing real estate. With interest rates at a low and a plethora of vacation properties at the beach, many are finding themselves wanting to make an investment they can also enjoy! Its a great time to buy and at All County Southern Shores we can help guide you through the whole process. When buying an investment property there are many key factors you need to be aware of to make sure you are maximizing you profit such as:
-GRI – Gross Rental Income from previous years
-Rental Occupancy Rate- How much was it rented out previous years
-HOA and other fees- These fees vary from each property and can be a huge deciding factor on whether you will get a decent and profitable return
-LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!- Is the property you are looking at near any attractions, the beach, or other places people vacation here for?

If this is something you are new at you will have many questions. Having a company guide you and have your best interests at heart is extremely important! From looking at properties to purchasing, closing and management we do it all! If you are looking into making a wise investment in the Myrtle Beach market call the experts at All County Southern Shores and see how we can make your second home your second income!