Owner Testimonials

Dawn is truly a pleasure to work with both as a client and a boss. She maintains the utmost professionalism no matter what field she is in, always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. She was always very clear about getting her thoughts and ideas across. When I didn't understand something, even when managing her Fun Buses website, Dawn could always talk me through the problem and we would find a solution together. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to be treating professionally. I know that Dawn takes personal pride in her work and ensuring that her own clients are satisfied and happy. Anyone who has the privilege of working with Dawn will definitely have a life-changing experience. Matthew G.

Matthew G.

I had the pleasure of working with Dawn for more than 15 years on many different levels in business. As a franchisor and business partner, Dawn was excellent in her ability to teach, motivate and provide ideas and direction that helped ensure that we were constantly going in the right direction. Dawn has an amazing sense of business and a never ending enthusiasm that is contagious. She was always available to me and others whenever I needed her and was always very generous with her time. I have always considered Dawn to be one of the main reasons for my success. When Dawn told us she was going to be a Property Management, we immediately knew this would be a career endeavor that would allow her to use all of her best qualities. Dawn has always taken great interest in doing whatever she could to help others be successful and find the right fit. Her experience as a successful business owner and motivator will serve her and her clients very well. Her integrity and work ethic are also qualities that we have always admired about Dawn. Kari D.

Kari D.